This is the first tour of many! This tour takes us from Anchorage and flies around the edges of Alaska, finishing where we started. There are 17 flights in total, with a variety of distances between hops.

Some photo highlights:

AKV101T April 21 2017 13:00 Homer, Alaska


PADQ Kodiak, Alaska

Taste of Alaska. Leg 3. Katmai National Park and Preserve.

St Marys Airport (PASM)

On Final at Kenai Municipal Airport (PAEN)

Elizabeth, Perl and East Chugach Islands

Point Hope Airport (PAPO)


Point Hope City. Population: 702



Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport (Barrow) (PABR)



The Yukon River


Aniak Airport (PANI)


Denali National Park and Preserve