About Alaskair Virtual

This virtual airline was set up in September 2016 with the ambition of being a freight and passenger airline serving remote communities in Alaska. Aligning to the TV show “Flying Wild Alaska”, our pilots and aircraft must endure harsh weather conditions, short take off and landings and demonstrate a high degree of skill.

Why Choose Alaskair?

We felt that there was a distinct lack of virtual airlines targeting the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness and all it has to offer. As well as this, most virtual airlines concentrate on the big commercial aircraft such as the Airbus and the many Boeing aircraft. Whilst we also enjoy flying these, we get most of our enjoyment from the “low & slow” GA planes, twin props, and turboprops. With these two factors in mind, a spark was ignited and we set upon creating an airline filling this much needed void.


Some of you may have seen the show Flying Wild Alaska that aired on Discovery Channel – this program followed the airline Ravn Alaska (formerly Era Alaska) and their operations serving the small and remote communities spanning the entire state of Alaska. This program primarily showed three major points that Alaskair Virtual are trying to recreate; the importance of aircraft as the sole way of transporting passengers & goods across Alaska, the sheer beauty that the area provides, and the challenging airstrips often experiencing extreme weather.

We have tried to create a virtual airline based on the above as well as all the things we loved from other VAs. We didn’t like the strict rules of other virtual airlines, so we hope you are pleased to hear that we have no restriction on which plane to fly on which route (although it’s best to pick the suggested one!), no penalty for pausing your sim, a lenient 90 day period to submit a PIREP, and no need for position reporting!

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